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Mature Eyes

Makeup Artist label

In 1989 big eye-shadow and big hair ruled.  I was 16-years-old and was bold with my makeup too—I wore brown eye-shadow hesitatingly applied.  Self-criticism held me back from enjoying those over the top eye-shadow styles of my youth.  In my book I talk about how I was able to find my way out of the cycle of not appreciating what I had.  Now, 25 years later, gravity has become an issue as I feel my wisdom growing, and I can totally appreciate what I have—beautiful, mature eyes.

If you only look at beauty magazines and Pinterest for your makeup application tips you may have laughed out loud as I cheer for my mature eyes—we could get really frustrated with our eyes because they are not the same as they were in 1989, 1979 or 1969.  Time happens and our eyes shift.  That shifting isn’t bad.  I believe that ageing is beautiful and I want to help you see it!

As an early makeup artist most of my work came from brides.  Those girls had the young eyes you find in all the magazines.  You can really do anything you want with eyes like that—just look at the crazy makeup tips you find.  I want the tips I share to help you feel more comfortable and see yourself as the beauty you are.  I believe we are all beautiful; we have just been trained to think that only perfection is beautiful.

I have a ton of makeup tips for mature eyes—but here is my concern:  if I just start posting these awesome tips you may not see what I am talking about.  You need to be retrained first.  You are beautiful.  You are perfectly normal.  What is being sold to you in magazines as “the standard” is not normal. 

Look at this:  



In this example, notice what you don’t see.  There are no wrinkles, no hinge on the outside of the eye.  We get this hinge wrinkle from the movement of the eye.

Now look at these:

Lady 2        Lady 1

 These ladies must have been moving their eyes too much.  With all these wrinkles, they must have had years of too much squinting in the sun.  The problem is… these are nine year old girls!  But THIS is the standard we are held to.



She is fabulously airbrushed to a standard of perfection that we all fail to meet.  Because it is not real.


Here is a picture of me (please notice what a good hair day I am having).


I look stinkin’ hot and I am real.  You can tell this picture hasn’t been edited because look at this picture and notice what you see.

Hotness Eye

It’s like I have wrinkles—shocking!!  I look great for 41 as I use SeneGence skincare.  Look at this without makeup on and see the real “normal”.

The wrinkles, the downward pull of the eye.  Notice how you don’t see it on the first picture?  It is because I used my makeup as a tool to guide the beholder to where I want you to look.  (In my next makeup artist blog I am going to start teaching you those tricks.)


As you are out there looking at Pinterest, see if they are real tips on real faces or if the unreal standard of beauty will make you think that nine-year-old eyes are old because they are not airbrushed.

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Speakers Showcase Video for National Speakers Association (NSA)
Many of you know that I’m an international speaker. I recently spoke at the Speakers Showcase for the NSA (National Speakers Association) and would love to share a video of this speech with you. The speech will be added to my YouTube Page very shortly. I will also post it on my Facebook Page as well so please follow that if you haven’t already!

Even though the holiday season gets busy for us all I am ALWAYS available for a one-on-one makeover or for makeup tips.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Know that I love serving you and am thankful for each and every one of you in my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of yours. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Please feel welcome to follow up with me for any questions or to schedule. Thank you so much for your time.


Nailed it!

When I was 25 years old my boss turned to me and said, “What does every woman in here have that you don’t”? I look around confused. It is 1999 in Fort Worth, Texas. I am looking at my co-workers and cant figure out what he is talking about. Finally he lets me know – it’s fake nails,they all have acrylic nails.
I don’t.
It’s my lunch break and I am supposed to do something about this. So, off to Le Nail salon I go. I was welcomed back to work as a true Texas woman.

My nail tech would regularly lecture me on what nails were to be used for and what not. They are not screw drivers and they are not scrubbers! I think if they are going to be right there at the end of your hand it seems to me that they should be used! And used and abused they were.

I am not petite of frame so I liked how they made my hands look. When my kids started coming it was hard to find the time to get to the salon and I missed far to many appointments. Due to the fact that my hands are in women’s faces all day it is easier to just have a short simple nail, very easy to take care of.

In turning 40 I walked by a nail salon and I remembered fondly the pampering of getting my nails done and I think ‘Perfect, I have time and I can commit to taking care of my nails’! I see me being better than I was in the past, I would regularly go in and my new nail tech will like me. She will not slap my hands in disapproval that I have let myself slide into using them as a flat head screwdriver. She will see me regularly now that I am grown up enough to do this! After all I am in the beauty industry, I can do this. I picked out silver glitter! Its nail shellac, its different, better and – did I mention the silver glitter? Seriously, how fun is that?!

Busy.. really busy! This is good, my business is growing and I’m in demand…my kids, hubby, dinner, responsibilities, etc. It may have been more than three weeks. Week three and I notice my nails are now officially unacceptable. I look at my schedule… there is literally no time. None! I have never heard of a nail spa open at 11:30 at night though that would be perfect for me. My nails are simply not more important to me than my hubby, kids or business.. so I officially have failed this experiment. Seriously outgrown… oh and they are now chipping at the base! Large half off side moons of missing glitter.

Driving to a networking meeting I see my damaged glittered nails reflecting. This is professional, put together and in a room full of women.. yes this is ideal.. totally not looking the part of my brand. I don’t need my nail tech to be slapping my hands, I am doing that just fine.

A lady crosses the room saying she hadn’t had the chance to meet me yet. I thank her, we are all very proper getting to talk for a moment.. she then says, “I hope this doesn’t sound odd but I saw you across the room and your skin is just radiating and you are so put together.. I wish that I looked that good.” Flattered of course, this happens a lot as my skin is (no humble way to say it) amazing. I explain that it is my job, “I am a skin care expert, makeup artist and image consultant”! Immediately she starts to point out all these things that are wrong with her.. from her hair to her toes! I laugh at the irony and say, “let me help you feel better about you!” Holding my less-than-manicured-tattered-glitter-nails in front of her face—we both laugh as we discuss how we just don’t really see the faults in others like we see the faults in ourselves. She thought I was perfect when I was sporting outgrown talons… she didn’t see them. But I did.

How often do you just let one small thing draw your focus? Others see the overall image, not the little nit picking that we are so prone to do to ourselves. I love this quote by Tina Fey:

blog quote

(If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty which is: who cares?)

It’s a great reminder—no one cares!! As much as we do and as long as we are radiating our beautiful smile and a kind heart we are gorgeous, radiant and perfect! And if you happen to be sporting outgrown chipping shellac well, then you can help others feel good at their granddaughter painted toe nails.

Joys of Being 40, including great skin!

40 photoI’m turning 40! I say that with excitement. No disappointment. Really!

I want to be clear on this point, because when I tell people giddy like a 11 year old kid that my birthday is coming they say, “Oh no.. look who is 40!” or they give me a look like your dog just died, one friend even reached out to patted my arm. Honestly, I am really super excited about 40!

At 21 we are legally responsible. The law considers us adults but lets be real, no one else over 25 thinks you are really that mature. We may act mature, and yes our brains are finished forming, but our experience of what we have done in life is limited. As some 21 year olds go, I was very responsible. My parents believe in the ‘your 18 you pay your own way’, so by 21 I not only had a job but had substantial savings.  Yet, much to my irritation people assumed, due to my happy manner, that I had not really experienced life. I had and I would protest, but they didn’t hear me. I had, I really really had. As a young woman with life before me I felt a little fear. I would never have actually admitted that then.. but I was scared.  What if?  What if I failed?  What if…?  What if I just wasn’t good enough, pretty enough.. well I have answers to those questions. I am not pretty enough… it’s a stupid question. I will not be loved or hated for how I look. Life is not high school. Adults don’t care and if they do they are still mentally in high school. I now only care if I like how I look, not if someone else does. I also know that I am not smart enough, there is someone always smarter and I can be friends with them and learn from them. I married someone smarter than me. I hired someone smarter than me. I benefit from all the smarts around me. I know it’s not all up to me. I know I don’t have to be all things to all people. I just have to do what I can.

At 40 I have been married for 15 years. I am happily married, we have been married long enough that the happily part is a choice. We choose to love each other, to serve each other and to smile at the things that drive us insane. When I was a newlywed it was easy to be happily married. Now, I know what I am dealing with, as does Mr. Greene, and he still comes home after work. This is good. He gives me sweet kisses in front of the kids.

Though at 40 my kids are old enough to be grossed out by our kisses. They make gagging noises and try to pull us apart. Yet, they still think we are cool. Our daughter, who is 8, said “I want to marry Daddy when you are done with him.” I explained that I will never be done with him and she will have to go find someone even better than daddy for her but with the same character and dedication to God. My son will walk in the room and tell me I look beautiful, I believe he gets that from his dad. If I am lucky, though never on school property, my son will hold my hand. The biggest, coolest things to do for the kids are to go do things with us. We have a rhythm to life, we know each other, the teen years haven’t hit the Greene household yet. At night when I ask the kids, “who have you served today?” “What have you learned?”  and “what was your favorite thing that happened today?” they still want answer and won’t let me forget to have that time with them.

40 photo

At 40 my parents are still alive. My father in law just died this year, really bringing home what I gift to have my parents. We have the added blessing of not only having them living but living in our basement. I lived in their basement too for many years.  My mom cheers me on, she is one of my biggest fans. I hear her brag on my brothers and sister. My Dad is still working, an example of his generation. They don’t think they shouldn’t work, they work, that is what they do. He wears only patriotic ties on Sunday, that is the mentality that built America. Work. We are trying to get Dad to retire but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

At 40 I am a full grown woman. Yes. I have some ‘love’ here and there that I didn’t before. Each of them reflects a battle or choice of my life. I don’t regret those scars, those bumps and bruises to my youth. I feel more beautiful than I used to because I like me more. I like my life, who I share it with and what I have accomplished. I remember my mom turning 40 and now I am a real life adult, a real woman. When I was a new makeup artist I was working along side a beautiful woman who spent much of the day primping herself, not the clients and complaining about being older, saying, “after 40 it’s all maintenance!” Well, I disagree, after 40 is when your wisdom and experience combine to make you ravishing along with your outsides that though they may not be what they once were show the world who you choose to be. The laugh lines show you chose to laugh, the little extra says you chose chocolate, which too many women is code for happiness. That little bump of the tummy says you chose to be a mother. It’s not so much the physical but the emotional that makes a woman beautiful, it’s the wisdom in her eyes.

At 40 I have failed. I have failed hard enough and for long enough. Long enough ago now that the wisdom of the failure stays with me and the pain of is forgotten. I will fail again. I will make mistakes and just like in the past the pain will fade and the wisdom will remain. Kinda cool, isn’t it? I am here breathing and I was just fine before. When it was so hard then it got better and so have I at dealing with the tragedy, disappointments and failures that once seemed so encompassing.

At 40 I have felt deep grief, horrid loss and pain. And I am smiling now. I smile because I choose too. I have head my heart broken, had to ask for forgiveness and had to give it, I have buried a child (a pain that never fades), I’ve lost relationships that were dear to me, I was in a wheelchair…  I could go on. But anyone my age had had those or similar bad times. I can say to the fears that I had “it’s okay, it all works out”. I did those first 40 years knowing so little and I get to do the rest of my life 40 plus years knowing everything I now know plus some!! That is very exciting. I get to know more, do more and not be held back by thinking I am not enough. I have been enough to get to here.

Of course for 40, being a skincare expert my skin doesn’t look 40. Oh well, I will have to contend with the problem of people thinking I am too young too know anything of life.. but well, I can handle that. After all I have faced far worse and am here smiling. I am really super excited that I have met this threshold of turning 40!

50 is going to be even better… oh sad thought my kids will be graduating from high school… bummer. I guess I will just have to deal with the loss by traveling the world with my husband.