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Amazing New Anti-Aging Results!

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Oh My… I am so EXCITED about the NEW Night Pak from SeneGence that I’ve been geeking out and reading everything I can about collagen and what it does or doesn’t for our skin. So if you want to geek out with me, read on! (Spoiler Alert: Special Offer at the end 😉 )

Only our skin, meaning mammal skin, can make collagen in the deepest layers. Collagen is a topical treatment unless your own skin produces it. Topically applied collagen will help lock moisture into the skin.

Night Pak by SeneGence and other “legit” collagen products should be applied at night, when the skin is at rest and thus the collagen can protect and promote your skin’s elasticity. When you wash the product off, you are removing the collagen ingredient.

As we age, our natural ability to make our own collagen decreases, thus the frenzied marketing about the ingredient. We all need it, but how do we get more of these important building blocks of youthful skin?  You can’t drink it or take supplements that give you collagen; the digestive system breaks it down and it doesn’t help the skin. However a diet rich in Omega-3 has been proven to help promote your body’s collagen production.

There are three different approaches in skincare to promote collagen production:

  • Scrubs— referred to as a scrub because it “exercises” your skin. Increased blood flow to the skin does help cell renewal. This is why facials are beneficial. I promote gentle loving on your face (without a washcloth) every night. A gentle, circular motion with your fingertips will increase circulation.
  • Retinol/Vitamin A derivative, often called Retin-A – this stops the forward march of collagen degradation and promotes collagen production. In independent clinical labs, our skincare products with SenePlex Complex promotes collagen synthesis by 168%, which is 166% more than Retinol and 158% more than Lactic Acid! Yay super cool!
  • Fillers offer fabulous, quick and visible results, but they break down the lower levels of your skin over time, causing permanent damage.

Here are some of the amazing facts about SeneGence Night Pak:

  • Most collagens are animal-based. Ours is not! It is plant-based marine collagen. The marine-based collagen is very rare. The swirls in the product are the SenePlex.
  • Night Pak strengthens your skin’s natural collagen matrix. SeneGence Night Pak has layered collagen to fill in those creases, lines and wrinkles with a marine-based collagen, not animal-based.
  • Night Pak is layered with SenePlex, which increases cell renewal by 23.3%. SenePlex Complex has been scientifically proven in a lab and on thousands of women. It is broken down molecularly so it can penetrate into your skin and offer results like 55.7% reduction of wrinkles!

As always, SeneGence products are a better value than the competition when you look at our ingredients, scientific results and how long the products last— we really are in a league of our own!

Most women just want to know: does it work? Yes it does! You can watch this great video to learn more about it.


All of our skincare lasts over 6 months. So why am I excited about a product that only lasts 2 months? I’m so proud about the price point. Although it’s more than our other products, it’s so much less than similar products on the market. In my research I couldn’t find any other product with marine collagen for less than $110 a month – and of course none of those have SenePlex. Night Pak is only $42.50 a month! When you decide to subscribe to auto ship (you won’t want to run out of this!) you will get free shipping and you will get a FREE bottle every year!

Missing Tooth

WARNING, pictures of my dental surgery are below.

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I admit it, I love my wiggle tooth, but I didn’t always.

When I was nine I knocked out my front three teeth, and the excessive dental work began.  I hated the gap, it made it so obvious what missing and what was so clearly wrong with me.  The funny thing is that those feelings of inadequacy were really coming from me, and not from others.  Sure, kids teased me, but what made the situation worse was how I handled it.  In my book How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness I teach how to get over self-taunts and about how to change the perceptions of ourselves to see the radiant women we really are.

I’ve learned in my nearly 20 years of working with women in beauty, that we all have an area, feature, or something we just don’t like about ourselves.  Yes, there are makeup tricks that can minimize facial features to bring out our best; but I really love helping women see how beautiful they really are, and helping them start the real work—seeing themselves differently.  I can meet with you one-on-one through Skype.  I am here to help you see that you are far hotter than you think you are!

Through helping other women, I actually got so good at changing my perception that I LOVE my wiggle tooth!  I’m not saying that I want to have a retainer with a tooth attached my whole life… but then again, maybe I do!  The tooth is such a relatable subject and always an instant icebreaker.  I often joke that “I am soooo HOT, I don’t need all my teeth!”  It is funny– I like funny.   But Mr. Greene doesn’t love it so much… I guess when he takes his wife out a on a Oral Surgery romantic date, he would like to look across the table at a full toothed smile.  It’s particularly annoying to him because we have already paid to have it repaired, and I’m putting it off because it’s so funny.  I guess I can see his point of view on this.

So, on October 16th, I reluctantly dragged myself to the oral surgeon.  I was so sad—not only would my adorable toothlessness be gone, but I knew it was going to hurt.  I’m not really one who thinks being drilled on is fun.  With that said, I firmly believe in choosing to have fun in any situation — here in this picture with the drill head attached to the recently placed implant.

I would like to point out that my lip color survived all of this with grace— meaning it stays on like a rock star!  I forgot to take pictures that night of my still perfect makeup because I was high—you know, legally drugged up—since it really hurts to get drilled on.  The important thing that every girl IMG_0079needs coming out of oral surgery is to know that her makeup is still there and looking awesome.  I can help with you with that part, but the missing-tooth hotness, you will have to take care of on your own.  I can show you how to bring out your best without looking like you tried too hard.  If you want amazing skin, and want to know where to put your makeup and the right colors just for you that stay looking perfect all day until you take it off— I can help with that.Tooth X-ray

As for my tooth, in four months, after the bone heals around the implant, I will get a new set of not-as-hot-though-very-expensive-teeth.  I firmly believe that Mr. Greene will miss the wiggle tooth.  Although, if we’re being completely honest… probably not.




Nailed it!

When I was 25 years old my boss turned to me and said, “What does every woman in here have that you don’t”? I look around confused. It is 1999 in Fort Worth, Texas. I am looking at my co-workers and cant figure out what he is talking about. Finally he lets me know – it’s fake nails,they all have acrylic nails.
I don’t.
It’s my lunch break and I am supposed to do something about this. So, off to Le Nail salon I go. I was welcomed back to work as a true Texas woman.

My nail tech would regularly lecture me on what nails were to be used for and what not. They are not screw drivers and they are not scrubbers! I think if they are going to be right there at the end of your hand it seems to me that they should be used! And used and abused they were.

I am not petite of frame so I liked how they made my hands look. When my kids started coming it was hard to find the time to get to the salon and I missed far to many appointments. Due to the fact that my hands are in women’s faces all day it is easier to just have a short simple nail, very easy to take care of.

In turning 40 I walked by a nail salon and I remembered fondly the pampering of getting my nails done and I think ‘Perfect, I have time and I can commit to taking care of my nails’! I see me being better than I was in the past, I would regularly go in and my new nail tech will like me. She will not slap my hands in disapproval that I have let myself slide into using them as a flat head screwdriver. She will see me regularly now that I am grown up enough to do this! After all I am in the beauty industry, I can do this. I picked out silver glitter! Its nail shellac, its different, better and – did I mention the silver glitter? Seriously, how fun is that?!

Busy.. really busy! This is good, my business is growing and I’m in demand…my kids, hubby, dinner, responsibilities, etc. It may have been more than three weeks. Week three and I notice my nails are now officially unacceptable. I look at my schedule… there is literally no time. None! I have never heard of a nail spa open at 11:30 at night though that would be perfect for me. My nails are simply not more important to me than my hubby, kids or business.. so I officially have failed this experiment. Seriously outgrown… oh and they are now chipping at the base! Large half off side moons of missing glitter.

Driving to a networking meeting I see my damaged glittered nails reflecting. This is professional, put together and in a room full of women.. yes this is ideal.. totally not looking the part of my brand. I don’t need my nail tech to be slapping my hands, I am doing that just fine.

A lady crosses the room saying she hadn’t had the chance to meet me yet. I thank her, we are all very proper getting to talk for a moment.. she then says, “I hope this doesn’t sound odd but I saw you across the room and your skin is just radiating and you are so put together.. I wish that I looked that good.” Flattered of course, this happens a lot as my skin is (no humble way to say it) amazing. I explain that it is my job, “I am a skin care expert, makeup artist and image consultant”! Immediately she starts to point out all these things that are wrong with her.. from her hair to her toes! I laugh at the irony and say, “let me help you feel better about you!” Holding my less-than-manicured-tattered-glitter-nails in front of her face—we both laugh as we discuss how we just don’t really see the faults in others like we see the faults in ourselves. She thought I was perfect when I was sporting outgrown talons… she didn’t see them. But I did.

How often do you just let one small thing draw your focus? Others see the overall image, not the little nit picking that we are so prone to do to ourselves. I love this quote by Tina Fey:

blog quote

(If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty which is: who cares?)

It’s a great reminder—no one cares!! As much as we do and as long as we are radiating our beautiful smile and a kind heart we are gorgeous, radiant and perfect! And if you happen to be sporting outgrown chipping shellac well, then you can help others feel good at their granddaughter painted toe nails.

Fast, Easy & Fabulous: Moisturizers (Day and Night)

Fast, Easy & Fabulous Moisturizers for daytime and evening care!

SeneGence offers 4 types of Daytime and Evening Moisturizers. The most common skin type is Normal to Dry but there are different combinations depending on your skin type: Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily, Oily to Acne and Dry.

After cleansing (with SeneGence 3n1 Cleanser) you need to moisturize. Our Daytime moisturizers ‘contain SenePlex Complex, natural oils to protect, moisturize and lubricate the skin’. When combined with MakeSense Foundation it gives you an equivalent of a 30 SPF! Lasts 6-9 months.

What makes this even better is you only need about 1 pump for your entire face!!!

The Evening Moisturizer is just as amazing! Also containing the SenePlex Complex and this formula penetrates deep into your skin to keep it hydrated during the night. This is when your skin is the most susceptible, so give it something good to soak in! Last 6-7 months.

If you need help deciding what your skin type is, I’d be happy to help!


Joys of Being 40, including great skin!

40 photoI’m turning 40! I say that with excitement. No disappointment. Really!

I want to be clear on this point, because when I tell people giddy like a 11 year old kid that my birthday is coming they say, “Oh no.. look who is 40!” or they give me a look like your dog just died, one friend even reached out to patted my arm. Honestly, I am really super excited about 40!

At 21 we are legally responsible. The law considers us adults but lets be real, no one else over 25 thinks you are really that mature. We may act mature, and yes our brains are finished forming, but our experience of what we have done in life is limited. As some 21 year olds go, I was very responsible. My parents believe in the ‘your 18 you pay your own way’, so by 21 I not only had a job but had substantial savings.  Yet, much to my irritation people assumed, due to my happy manner, that I had not really experienced life. I had and I would protest, but they didn’t hear me. I had, I really really had. As a young woman with life before me I felt a little fear. I would never have actually admitted that then.. but I was scared.  What if?  What if I failed?  What if…?  What if I just wasn’t good enough, pretty enough.. well I have answers to those questions. I am not pretty enough… it’s a stupid question. I will not be loved or hated for how I look. Life is not high school. Adults don’t care and if they do they are still mentally in high school. I now only care if I like how I look, not if someone else does. I also know that I am not smart enough, there is someone always smarter and I can be friends with them and learn from them. I married someone smarter than me. I hired someone smarter than me. I benefit from all the smarts around me. I know it’s not all up to me. I know I don’t have to be all things to all people. I just have to do what I can.

At 40 I have been married for 15 years. I am happily married, we have been married long enough that the happily part is a choice. We choose to love each other, to serve each other and to smile at the things that drive us insane. When I was a newlywed it was easy to be happily married. Now, I know what I am dealing with, as does Mr. Greene, and he still comes home after work. This is good. He gives me sweet kisses in front of the kids.

Though at 40 my kids are old enough to be grossed out by our kisses. They make gagging noises and try to pull us apart. Yet, they still think we are cool. Our daughter, who is 8, said “I want to marry Daddy when you are done with him.” I explained that I will never be done with him and she will have to go find someone even better than daddy for her but with the same character and dedication to God. My son will walk in the room and tell me I look beautiful, I believe he gets that from his dad. If I am lucky, though never on school property, my son will hold my hand. The biggest, coolest things to do for the kids are to go do things with us. We have a rhythm to life, we know each other, the teen years haven’t hit the Greene household yet. At night when I ask the kids, “who have you served today?” “What have you learned?”  and “what was your favorite thing that happened today?” they still want answer and won’t let me forget to have that time with them.

40 photo

At 40 my parents are still alive. My father in law just died this year, really bringing home what I gift to have my parents. We have the added blessing of not only having them living but living in our basement. I lived in their basement too for many years.  My mom cheers me on, she is one of my biggest fans. I hear her brag on my brothers and sister. My Dad is still working, an example of his generation. They don’t think they shouldn’t work, they work, that is what they do. He wears only patriotic ties on Sunday, that is the mentality that built America. Work. We are trying to get Dad to retire but he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

At 40 I am a full grown woman. Yes. I have some ‘love’ here and there that I didn’t before. Each of them reflects a battle or choice of my life. I don’t regret those scars, those bumps and bruises to my youth. I feel more beautiful than I used to because I like me more. I like my life, who I share it with and what I have accomplished. I remember my mom turning 40 and now I am a real life adult, a real woman. When I was a new makeup artist I was working along side a beautiful woman who spent much of the day primping herself, not the clients and complaining about being older, saying, “after 40 it’s all maintenance!” Well, I disagree, after 40 is when your wisdom and experience combine to make you ravishing along with your outsides that though they may not be what they once were show the world who you choose to be. The laugh lines show you chose to laugh, the little extra says you chose chocolate, which too many women is code for happiness. That little bump of the tummy says you chose to be a mother. It’s not so much the physical but the emotional that makes a woman beautiful, it’s the wisdom in her eyes.

At 40 I have failed. I have failed hard enough and for long enough. Long enough ago now that the wisdom of the failure stays with me and the pain of is forgotten. I will fail again. I will make mistakes and just like in the past the pain will fade and the wisdom will remain. Kinda cool, isn’t it? I am here breathing and I was just fine before. When it was so hard then it got better and so have I at dealing with the tragedy, disappointments and failures that once seemed so encompassing.

At 40 I have felt deep grief, horrid loss and pain. And I am smiling now. I smile because I choose too. I have head my heart broken, had to ask for forgiveness and had to give it, I have buried a child (a pain that never fades), I’ve lost relationships that were dear to me, I was in a wheelchair…  I could go on. But anyone my age had had those or similar bad times. I can say to the fears that I had “it’s okay, it all works out”. I did those first 40 years knowing so little and I get to do the rest of my life 40 plus years knowing everything I now know plus some!! That is very exciting. I get to know more, do more and not be held back by thinking I am not enough. I have been enough to get to here.

Of course for 40, being a skincare expert my skin doesn’t look 40. Oh well, I will have to contend with the problem of people thinking I am too young too know anything of life.. but well, I can handle that. After all I have faced far worse and am here smiling. I am really super excited that I have met this threshold of turning 40!

50 is going to be even better… oh sad thought my kids will be graduating from high school… bummer. I guess I will just have to deal with the loss by traveling the world with my husband.


Fast, Easy & Fabulous: 3n1 Cleanser

Fast and Easy Cleansers!

I sell amazing products! From everything to facewash to lipstick to shampoo! But let’s talk about the face cleanser:

We have 4 different cleansers depending on your skin type. As almost all of our products do, one of the key ingredients is SenePlex which increase cellular renewal allowing the fresh healthy skin underneath to surface! Use day and night and all you need is about a pea size amount! (give or take depending on individual needs)

Not only do our cleansers, well cleanse, but they exfoliate! (excluding the acne line).
Why is it important to cleanse and exfoliate? Because the average human generates a new layer of skin ever 2-4 weeks! We need to remove that dead skin and show the beautiful skin underneath it. ‘If you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis your skin will become clogged with toxins and will not be able to breathe’ (SeneGence Product Knowledge).

Not only is this product amazing for your skin but it lasts a long time! The normal to dry line (which about 70% of women use) can last between 9 months to 1 year! What other brand can say that it’s good for you and lasts that long?!

Enjoy this short video I made about our wonderful, fast and easy cleanser!

Eating Your Way to Better Skin

We all know the old saying “you are what you eat.” So the same goes for wanting healthy skin. Put healthy foods in and, along with a dialed skin care regime, you will have healthy looking, fantastic skin. The article “Foods For Healthy Skin” was very thorough, yet concise on what the best choices are to achieve healthy skin through what you eat.

For your convenience I have broken out the gist of what types foods are suggested. I’m including some tips and my favorites too.

Low-fat dairy products

a low fat spreadable swiss cheese – The Laughing Cow has great cheese that comes in many different flavors.

low fat yogurt – vanilla Wallabey Yogurt is so creamy and delicious it almost feels like a treat

Milk – we are often told skim, but really the caloric difference for 1% is not so much and it tastes a lot less like milk flavored water. I like to add some chocolate flavored, 100% whey protein to an 8oz. glass in the morning.

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and plums

When out of season, go for the frozen variety. Since they are frozen at the peak of  freshness frozen berries are optimal in nutrients.

Salmon, walnuts, canola oil, flax seed

Flax seeds can be added to anything from spaghetti sauce to oatmeal.

If you don’t like the taste of walnuts, grind some up and add them to almost anything without really tasting them.

Healthy oils (in moderation)

“cold pressed, expeller processed, or extra virgin are the ones to look for.”

Whole wheat breads, muffins and cereals; turkey, tuna and brazil nuts

Granny’s Delight 100% whole wheat – found at Harmon’s, this bread packs in 6g fiber, 3g protein and only 80 calories per slice. It is made in Kaysville, UT as well – so for the Utahns reading this – it is local! When purchasing whole        wheat bread make sure that that is the first ingredient and look for  5+ grams of fiber per slice.

Green Tea

Any suggestions on brands would be appreciated – I have only tried Stash.


At least half of your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 130 lbs, you should drink 65oz. The article points out the exact amount you should drink varies, I got this amount from a chiropractor who specializes in wellness.

Here are some examples of how to combine more than two of the above categories:

  • Yogurt with blueberries and a tablespoon of walnuts, and maybe even a tablespoon of flax seeds.
  • Whole wheat bread with spreadable low-fat swiss cheese and tuna
  • Salmon cooked in extra-virgin olive oil
  • Sliced strawberries and blackberries with half a whole wheat muffin

So those are just a few examples, the combinations can be as creative as you are.

Simple Steps

By Leta Greene

Washing your face without proper cleansing is like mopping your floor without rinsing the mop.  You are just pushing the dirt around; it may look better, but is it really clean?  No routine will work if you don’t cleanse properly. I hesitate to say, “routine” as it has an image of 9 products in front of you. You will find that our system is very different, cleanse, moisturize and repeat–simple. Cleansing, to produce fabulous skin, removes the flaky skin, the oils and bacteria from touching your face after who knows what you touched and then placed on your chin. Then there’s whatever floated through the air, are you grossed out yet? As you get hot from sweat, hormones or getting kids bathed, your pours open up. As you cool down they shut, like little doors, closing in whatever they have been exposed to. When you have a makeover with me, I explain proper cleansing so that whatever is put on after is not “cover up” but rather protection for your skin.  No makeup will look fabulous over a dirty palette.