Glamour Connection

Started in February 2001, Glamour Connection is owned, managed and operated by Leta Greene, Image Consultant extraordinaire. Although her children have always been her first priority, as she is a full-time mother of three, Leta started Glamour Connection as a way to support her family financially while putting her husband through school. As an image consultant Leta has taken Glamour Connection from offering lipstick alone to providing many services and products including a full skin care line. Although, when you decide to set up your free makeover (that’s right, FREE makeover) you will quickly understand you are getting much more than a refreshed look.

Below is a short list of  services and products she provides:

  • Makeovers featuring SeneGence Cosmetics
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Wedding Consultation
  • Fine Fashion Jewelry

To set up your Free Makeover, Contact Leta Greene by email at glamourconnection@yahoo.com or by phone at 801.446.6634.

Leta Greene, Image Consultant

On Beauty

I am not your typical image consultant, beauty to me is not about continuous maintience. Beauty is about the right combination of knowledge, product and attitude; then using them together as you season with time. To me this is how beauty can be summarized.

With the right natural look and a dab here and there, we can bring notice to your own unique beauty. This is where I can help. I hope my philosophies about beauty will help you see it isn’t about height, waist, zits or scars. Beauty is about looking past the surface and knowing your importance to those you love. That is what makes it important to take some time in the morning to inhance the beauty God has give you. You can be beautiful as you work, cook, scrub and hug our way through the day. Aunt Mildred was a wise woman, “Spend enough time on yourself in the morning to forget about yourself the rest of the day.”

On Business

Business success is not measured just by financial success but also by balance in life. Working 80 hours a week is not living.

My work is not about how much I make, it is about the amount of results for my efforts. Choosing to work with someone is a very personal decision. You should never allow someone to talk you into an investment of time and money that is not right for you. If you are not motivated, no one can make you stay motivated and you will not be successful.

As a military wife, I needed to find something that could transfer with my husband’s career. For two years I searched for the right opportunity for me. I found the perfect business combination of my interests, ability and product in SeneGence cosmetics in February 2001. After one week of wearing the cosmetics, I loved how my sensitive skin responded and how fabulous I looked all day. I signed up as a distributor. Three months later I quit my job as a sales manager for a national company and have been my own boss ever since. The best parts is when children came I didn’t have to ask for maternity leave.

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