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For Your Lips

It isn’t just ‘lip service’ that we actually last - our formula is markedly different.

Classic LipSense®Liquid Lip Color

The premier product of SeneGence®. With LipSense, your perfect pout is water-proof and will not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off!

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LipSense®Moisturizing Gloss

Improves the longevity of LipSense Liquid Lip Color. Also covers and protect naked lips.

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Makes lips smoother and fuller, with an increase of up to 20% in volume and 50% in moisture.

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For Your Face

If you can see your foundation, then others cannot see you, getting distracted by all the build up.

MakeSense™ Foundation with SenePlex®

Combines cosmetics with skincare to give you an impeccable flawless finish.

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Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation

MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation is formulated with SenePlex Complex+ and SeneShield, two of the most advanced anti-aging and skin-protective technologies known today.

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MakeSense™ Blender/Concealer

Your answer to any skin imperfection.

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Crème formula delivers a layer of SenePlex® to the skin.

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For Your Eyes

Your eyes can say a lot about you. Show them off.

ShadowSense™ with SenePlex™

Available in Crème to Powder and liquid. Has the same staying power as all SenseCosmetics™ products. Lasts all day.

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EyeSense™ Eyeliner

Revolutionary, long-lasting liquid eyeliner. EyeSense is waterproof, smear-proof and budge-proof.

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Mascara taking your lashes to fantastic new lengths.

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Grow your lashes 25% longer.

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For Your Skin

It's the little things you do everyday that make or break you. True with life, and your skin care.

SeneDerm™ Skincare System

Daytime SeneDerm Moisturizer, Evening SeneDerm Moisturizer, SeneDerm 3 in 1 Cleanser and EyeCreme for all skin types.

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Climate Control by SeneDerm™

Provides cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level.

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This anti-aging and highlighting creme features a rich blend of SenePlex Complex, natural jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oils and vitamins A & E for protection to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and nourish the sensitive area around the eyes. Use during the day as the perfect eye brightener.

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Fooops!™ Facial Color Remover

The color technology of SenseCosmetics™ needs a tough, easy-to-use, exceptional cleanser to break down the long-lasting formula. Fooops® is amazingly gentle, created for all skin types and delivers additional SenePlex® to the skin.

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For Every Body

From head to toe, SeneGence® cosmetics have you covered. Complete, anti-aging, long-lasting.


SeneDerm® BodyCare

Because you are more than just a pretty face.

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The richest and most emollient moisturizer in the SeneDerm BodyCare line. The natural healing and restorative properties of Shea Butter.

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