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Anti-Aging Line™

Makeup Artist labelIf you look up “mature eyes” on any internet search engine, you will find a pitch for skincare products and surgery.  This perpetuates the idea that only young eyes (the kind that are airbrushed beyond reason) are beautiful.  I am out to change that perception!  When I meet with my clients face-to-face, I teach them about what I call the Anti-Aging Line™.

When I teach them about the Anti-Aging Line™, I find women refer their friends to me like crazy; because once you understand this, you really can improve your makeup application.  I have been collecting pictures of my willing clients so you can see this on other eye shapes— that way you can find the Anti-Aging Line™ on yourself.

Find line between the corner of your nose, eye and where your brows should end.

Here is my mug:

Image-1 (1)

Here is a close up.

Image-1 (4)      Image-1 (5)

Notice how I keep my makeup within the purple line?  Each part of my makeup pulls the viewer up to where I want them to look.  I don’t accentuate the downward angle of my eyes, because that points out the wrinkles.  If I were to draw my makeup on my lid like we typically are taught, I would be accentuating the wrinkle, or the hinge that is there.  When we are young, our eyes are angled up and we can do fun and funky makeup applications—but as the eyes come down, that doesn’t work.  I’ve found that if you keep your makeup within the line, you are fine!

If you would like individual help with this, I can meet with you one-on-one in person or through Skype!  You can contact me by emailing me at glamourconnection@yahoo.com or calling me toll free at (801) 455-7364.  I’ll have a video up soon showing you more about the Anti-Aging Line™.

Anti Aging Line

Mature Eyes

Makeup Artist label

In 1989 big eye-shadow and big hair ruled.  I was 16-years-old and was bold with my makeup too—I wore brown eye-shadow hesitatingly applied.  Self-criticism held me back from enjoying those over the top eye-shadow styles of my youth.  In my book I talk about how I was able to find my way out of the cycle of not appreciating what I had.  Now, 25 years later, gravity has become an issue as I feel my wisdom growing, and I can totally appreciate what I have—beautiful, mature eyes.

If you only look at beauty magazines and Pinterest for your makeup application tips you may have laughed out loud as I cheer for my mature eyes—we could get really frustrated with our eyes because they are not the same as they were in 1989, 1979 or 1969.  Time happens and our eyes shift.  That shifting isn’t bad.  I believe that ageing is beautiful and I want to help you see it!

As an early makeup artist most of my work came from brides.  Those girls had the young eyes you find in all the magazines.  You can really do anything you want with eyes like that—just look at the crazy makeup tips you find.  I want the tips I share to help you feel more comfortable and see yourself as the beauty you are.  I believe we are all beautiful; we have just been trained to think that only perfection is beautiful.

I have a ton of makeup tips for mature eyes—but here is my concern:  if I just start posting these awesome tips you may not see what I am talking about.  You need to be retrained first.  You are beautiful.  You are perfectly normal.  What is being sold to you in magazines as “the standard” is not normal. 

Look at this:  



In this example, notice what you don’t see.  There are no wrinkles, no hinge on the outside of the eye.  We get this hinge wrinkle from the movement of the eye.

Now look at these:

Lady 2        Lady 1

 These ladies must have been moving their eyes too much.  With all these wrinkles, they must have had years of too much squinting in the sun.  The problem is… these are nine year old girls!  But THIS is the standard we are held to.



She is fabulously airbrushed to a standard of perfection that we all fail to meet.  Because it is not real.


Here is a picture of me (please notice what a good hair day I am having).


I look stinkin’ hot and I am real.  You can tell this picture hasn’t been edited because look at this picture and notice what you see.

Hotness Eye

It’s like I have wrinkles—shocking!!  I look great for 41 as I use SeneGence skincare.  Look at this without makeup on and see the real “normal”.

The wrinkles, the downward pull of the eye.  Notice how you don’t see it on the first picture?  It is because I used my makeup as a tool to guide the beholder to where I want you to look.  (In my next makeup artist blog I am going to start teaching you those tricks.)


As you are out there looking at Pinterest, see if they are real tips on real faces or if the unreal standard of beauty will make you think that nine-year-old eyes are old because they are not airbrushed.

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Step by step on how to do a beautiful smokey eye using SeneGence long lasting makeup!

Step 1: Moisturize So your eyes look hot at 40! (like mine!)

Smokey 1

Step 2: Brows Apply product then ‘scratch’ with other end to look natural

Smokey 2A Smokey 2B

Step 3: Apply a base of light color (here I used Candlelight) This is so your eye doesn’t become ominously dark when the dark colors are applied

Smokey 3A

Step 4: BLEND BLEND BLEND! Apply dark color (Ebony Essence typically). Use a brush to apply and blend (Use a more color for night (makes it darker) and a lighter color for day events) *Note: When not using SeneGence products, your makeup will likely get a crease by the end of the day!

Smokey 4A Smokey 4B

Step 5: Add a layer of garnet with the applicator to add depth and interest and BLEND! Just straight black is goth!

Smokey 5A Smokey 5B

Step 6: Highlight the brow to keep eye open with sandstone pearl and BLEND!

Smokey 6A Smokey 6B

Step 7: Eye Liner with Ebony Essence Use an angled brush and apply product to it from the tip of applicator as shown. Line your eye – note the angle so as not to make your eyeliner ‘wing’ take flight!! For night eyeliner, you can add black liquid eyeliner to this step *SeneGence makeup will not smear and dries quickly and will last all day or night!

 Smokey 7A Smokey 7B Smokey 7C Smokey 7D Smokey 7E

Step 8: Highlight with whisper pink and, you guessed it – BLEND!

Smokey 8A Smokey 8B

Step 9: Apply Mascara The wonderful think about SeneGence mascara is that it doesn’t clump or run and will last all day (as will the rest of the make up).

Smokey 9

Final Result – Beautiful Smokey Eye

Smokey Final

Classic Beauty – 2010 Golden Globe Awards Edition

After any award show every celebrity television program, website and magazine gives its own perspective on best and worsts. For Glamour Connection, an emphasis on the good keeps a positive outlook on beauty. Here are a few of the highlights.

Drew Barrymore

A complete beauty, Drew Berrymore’s makeup is flawlessly simple, yet very glamourous. With the pop of a pink, berry colored lipstick, she is stunning.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt looks amazingly happy with new fiance John Krasinski. She brought out the pink in her dress by actually wearing lavender eyeshadow. Shading her lips slightly darker really brings her look together.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is such a classic beauty. Although her makeup is very basic, staying within the mostly nude shades, she highlights her eyes with dark eyeliner without overdoing it – necessitating a darker lip color.